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In order to keep things sailing smoothly, we have some policies and requirements that we urge all guests to look over before visiting our family pool.  




1. Do not arrive  until 5 minutes before your appointment time.  

     We ask that you also please do not stay more than 5 minutes past your appointment time.


2We will allow 2 adults per household to chaperone the children to class

     (although we would prefer one chaperone if possible).


3. Unfortunately, we do not have a bathroom available for our guests.  Please come prepared (we      do not allow clients into our house, as that is our family's private space).  Many of our guests bring portable potty           solutions for their kids, and dispose of the contents properly in our big trash bin located near the back door.


4. NO strollers in our backyard please, as it inhibits mobility to  the exit route.  

     Car seats, or foldable umbrella strollers are acceptable.


5Please, no eating in the backyard.

     We are not able to get out of the pool and clean any food messes left behind, and we would like the waiting area to be      tidy for the next guest.




  • All guests partaking in pool time with us MUST turn in the signed and completed Registration Packet on your first visit, before entering the water.  Any guests accompanying the swimmer to our home must submit their own completed liability forms.

  • Any child under the age of 3 MUST wear NON-disposable swim diapers in our pool during their swim time.   ONLY cloth diapers are acceptable.  This includes children who have been potty-trained.  If your child is over the age of 3, and not potty trained, please continue to bring them in a cloth swim diaper until they are potty trained.

  • Parents must NEVER leave the property during their child’s time in the water.  There are absolutely ZERO exceptions.  All children must remain under the constant supervision of their guardian at all times on our property.  

  • Make-up sessions are offered for missed sessions, but they are NOT guaranteed.  Make-up availability is based on your availability, and when we have openings in our schedule.  We need at least 8 hours of advanced notice before your missed session, in order to grant make-up session credit.  

  • Members of our program who are enrolled in recurring weekly sessions (and Boot Campers) can schedule up to 2 make-up sessions per month, equal to your current weekly appointment time (or your boot camp session time).  Make-up credits for weekly members and Boot Campers expire after 12 months, unless you leave or graduate the program before that time.  When you leave or graduate the weekly program, any make-up credits you have on file will expire 30 days after your last recurring weekly appointment.  

  • Make-Up sessions cannot be rescheduled - there is no make-up credit offered for missed make-up sessions.  The only exception to this rule is if WE need to cancel swim due for any reason (ex; fecal incident, poor weather, sick coach, etc...).

  • If your child has a FECAL INCIDENT in the pool, you are 100% financially responsible for the cost of the cleanup ($250 per incident).  

  • Our family has  ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to physical, or verbal violence.  If at any time you or your child pose a physical threat to anyone at our home,  you will be asked to remove yourself from our property and will NOT be allowed to participate in swimming with us any further.   Your membership will be terminated without refund.

  • We reserve the right to refuse our services to ANYONE for ANY reason, at ANY time, without refund.

  • We rely on a basic code of conduct and ask every guest to please be respectful of  the hosting home, and other guests on the property.  If at any time any of these policies are breached, we reserve the right to terminate your membership in our program without refund.

  • We do not offer refunds for prepaid services.  

  • Cancellation for swim time must be received VIA EMAIL at least 8 hours before your appointment, in order to receive make-up credit for your missed session.

  • If you plan to discontinue recurring weekly sessions (monthly membership), we need to receive a completed cancellation form  by the 5th day of your last month of enrollment, or you will be charged a $55 late cancellation fee.

  • Any make-up credits you have on file will expire 30 days after your last month of enrollment.

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