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There is limited availability for this service!  
We feel extremely blessed to be so popular within our close-knit South Bay community.

Weekly Sessions

ages 6months+

offered year-round,

   Sun-Thu from 9AM-12:30PM, & 2:30-6:30PM ONLY.  

 $110/hour via monthly tuition

** These sessions are the HIGHEST in demand, year round.  

We do have an established waitlist, for any newcomers interested

in someday joining as a monthly member for weekly sessions. **

     Unlike our Boot Camp Program, Weekly Sessions are a year-round commitment, meaning it's best to reserve a time that your family will be able to commit to for at least 12 months.  

We strongly believe in giving our students the time they need in order to gain and master skills.  We do not expect all students to learn at the same pace, and cater to every swimmer based on their personal needs.  We have found time and time again, that through patience, and a positive learning environment, we can truly achieve the BEST results.

- All payment for these sessions is collected via monthly tuition, to hold your appointment time for your recurring weekly session.

- All weekly sessions are taught at a one on one, Student to Coach ratio.  There are no semi-private or group sessions offered.

- Make-up sessions are offered, as long as we receive at least 8 hours of advanced notice, but they are NOT guaranteed.  Make-up availability is based on your availability, and when we have openings in our schedule.  

- We require a minimum booking time of at least 15 minutes per swimmer.

Weekly Sessions offered

M-Th from 9AM-12:30PM/2:30-6:30PM,

and Sundays from 9AM-4:30PM.  

There is no recurring weekly swim time offered on Fridays or Saturdays.

Current Availability for Recurring Weekly Sessions:

Monday - 11:45AM-12PM (15 minute session)

Wednesday - 10:30-11AM (30 minute session)

Thursday - 9:15-9:45AM (30 minute session)

Thursday - 11:30AM-12PM (30 minute session)

Thursday - 12-12:30PM (30 Minute session)


15 minute sessions:

  • $27.50 per session, $110 per month

30 minute sessions:

  • $55 per session, $220 per month

45 minute sessions:

  • $82.50 per session, $330 per month

60 minute sessions:

  • $110 per session, $440 per month



Email Us to Claim one of our Open Spots, or to Get on the Waitlist for this Service,

We would love to find the right fit for your family.

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