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     These swim times become available when one of our current members is sick, traveling, or taking time off for any other reason.  Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.  


Make-Up Session Availability

     Please keep in mind, make-up sessions are offered as a convenience to our members, when the need to reschedule a session arises.  Make - Up Sessions are NOT guaranteed, as we do have limited space and availability for this service.  We do not allow Make - Up credits to be used as a deduction for future monthly tuition, but members can schedule a Make - Up session anytime outside of their regular weekly appointment time (pending our availability).  

     Your reservation is not complete unless you receive an email confirming your reservation - if you do not receive an email, please assume the time has been reserved already.  Please be sure to submit THE DATE OF THE MISSED SESSION THAT YOU ARE LOOKING TO MAKE-UP when submitting your request.  For current members on the weekly schedule, make-up credits expire 12 months after the missed session.  Make-up credits will expire 30 days after your last month of membership.  For Weekly Swimmers, there is a limit of 2 make-up sessions per month per family (equal in duration to your weekly appointment time)


Coaches Brandon and Maddie share the pool on Monday afternoon/evenings and Thursday mornings.

3/16/23         Thursday           30 mins         11:30AM-12PM      with Coach Maddie

3/20/23          Monday           30 mins             11-11:30AM           with Coach Maddie

3/21/23           Tuesday          15 mins            9:30-9:45AM       with Coach Maddie

3/24/23           Friday            30 mins            11-11:30AM           with Coach Brandon

3/29/23        Wednesday        45 mins       2:30-3:15PM        with Coach Maddie

3/29/23        Wednesday          30 mins          6-6:30PM         with Coach Maddie

3/30/23        Thursday        30 mins      9:15-9:45AM            with Coach Brandon

3/30/23        Thursday          30 mins           2:30-3PM           with Coach Brandon

4/12/23         Wednesday          30 mins         4-4:30PM         with Coach Maddie

4/26/23         Wednesday         30 mins         4-4:30PM         with Coach Maddie

5/10/23         Wednesday          30 mins        4-4:30PM          with Coach Maddie

5/17/23         Wednesday          30 mins          4-4:30PM         with Coach Maddie

5/24/23         Wednesday          30 mins         4-4:30PM        with Coach Maddie

5/31/23         Wednesday         30 mins         4-4:30PM          with Coach Maddie

CLOSED Sunday, 4/9/23(9AM-4:30PM)

CLOSED Sunday, 5/14/23 (9AM-4:30PM)

CLOSED Tuesday, 5/14/23 (12:30-6:30PM)

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