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     Pay-Per-Session opportunities are offered to guests who are not current members in our program.  These spots are also available to current members who would occasionally like to add more swim time into their weekly routine.   You can book any listed session that is 10 days, or less, in advance.   Reservations for these spots are first come, first serve.   We cannot reserve any listings further than 1 week away from the date of your inquiry.  There is no immediate availability for recurring sessions - please inquire about being added to our waitlist.  There is no waitlist for Pay-per-session opportunities.


     You can submit your request for these session times by using the contact tab on our website, or sending an email to us directly at  Be sure to leave your name, email address, and the day/time you are interested in.   If you are a new client looking to book with us, be sure to mention the family who referred you to our program (we are a referrals-only private club).

ages 6months +

all private sessions, no semi-private or group sessions

15 minute sessions: $27.50 per session

30 minute sessions$55 per session

45 minute sessions:$82.50 per session

60 minute sessions:$110 per session


   Coaches Brandon and Maddie share the pool on Monday afternoon/evenings and Thursday mornings.

*Please keep in mind, that any of these listed session times may currently be PENDING, and will not be removed until the reservation process has been completed.  If you do not receive a response to your email request, please assume the spot has been taken by another family.  The more options you submit to us, the more we can help to find the perfect fit for your family!

6/7/23       Wednesday     60 mins     11:30AM-12:30P    with Coach Brandon

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