Upcoming Availability

     Upcoming Availability is updated every week.  These swim times become available when one of our current members is sick, traveling, or taking time off for any other reason.  These listed times are NOT recurring.  All reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.  These swim times are available for make-up sessions, or 

Pay-Per-Session opportunities.  Pay-Per-Session opportunities are offered to guests who are not current members in our program, and can be booked up to one week in advance of the requested reservation time.  

      We give Current Members priority for booking the following swim times.  For Current Members seeking to reserve a make-up swim time, please be sure to submit THE DATE OF THE MISSED SWIM TIME YOU ARE LOOKING TO MAKE-UP when submitting your request.  Make-up credits for current members will expire when you leave our program.

You can submit your request for these listed sessions using the contact tab on our website.  Be sure to leave your name, and the time you are interested in.  Your reservation is not complete unless you receive an email confirming your reservation - if you do not receive an email, please assume the time has been reserved already.  If you are a new client looking to book with us, be sure to mention the family who referred you to our program (we are a referrals-only private club).

11/25/20    Wednesday  30min.              11-11:30AM            with Coach Brandon

11/25/20    Wednesday   30min.                1-1:30PM              with Coach Brandon

11/25/20     Wednesday   15min.               1:30-1:45PM        with Coach Brandon

11/29/20   Sunday             60min.                    2:15-3:15PM      with Coach Brandon

11/29/20   Sunday             30min.                   3:15-3:45PM      with Coach Brandon

11/30/20   Monday           30min.                    1-1:30PM            with Coach Brandon

11/30/20   Monday    30min.                           1:30-2PM           with Coach Brandon

11/30/20   Monday    30min.                            2-2:30PM          with Coach Brandon

12/8/20     Tuesday      30min.                       12-12:30PM             with Coach Maddie

12/15/20   Tuesday      30min.                        12-12:30PM             with Coach Maddie

12/22/20   Tuesday      30min.                        12-12:30PM            with Coach Maddie

1/5/21         Tuesday      30min.                       4:45-5:15PM       with Coach Brandon

* We will be CLOSED for Winter Break from


We will re-open on 1/4/21.*

Boot Camp Availability 

Boot Camp is available M-F from 12:30-2:30PM ONLY.  Standard Boot Camp is 2 weeks, and available for children ages 2 years+.  Mini Boot Camp is 1 week, and available for children ages 3years+.  Appointment times are the same, each day of your Boot Camp session.  All Boot Camp sessions are with Brandon.

Mini Boot Camp:

1 week,  30 minutes per day, ages 3+

$200 for 5x 30 min sessions


Standard Boot Camp:

2 weeks,  15 or 30 minutes per day

(we recommend 30 minutes for ages 3+, and 15 minutes for ages 2 and under)

$200 for 10x 15 minute sessions, $400 for 10x 30 minute sessions





All swim times are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

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