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Boot Camp

ages 2yrs+

$275 for Mini

$550 for Standard

          Boot Camp is a fast-paced, highly successful program taught by Coach Brandon.  Due to the high volume of swim time during these short-term sessions, Boot Camp can be a great way to gain skills quickly.  This program provides a great advantage for newcomers to build a strong foundation for their swim journey, or for established swimmers to fine-tune their technique.   For the past 6 years since its creation, S.T.A.R. Academy's Boot Camp has become well-known for it's breakthrough results.

Sessions Available: M-F from 12:30-2PM ONLY.  

Please inquire in regards to availability.


Appointments take place daily for

1 (Mini), or 2 (Standard) weeks.

All sessions are private,


30 minute sessions.  

Appointment times are the same, each day of your Boot Camp session.  


Boot Camp:

1 week,  ages 3+

Best for Children with Prior Swim experience, or families who are familiar with our program, or are enrolled in weekly sessions.

$275 for 5x 30 min private sessions

One time slot per swimmer

(NOT offered in the months of June/July/August)

Fall availability for Mini Sessions

will be posted in August


Boot Camp:

2 weeks, ages 2+

Best for Children who are beginner swimmers.

$550 for 10x 30 minute private sessions

One time slot per swimmer

(offered year-round)

May 13, 2024-May 24, 2024

12:30-1PM (sold out)

1-1:30PM (SOLD OUT)

1:30-2PM (SOLD OUT)

May 27, 2024-June 7, 2024

12:30-1PM (sold out)

1-1:30PM (Sold out) 

1:30-2PM (Sold out)

June 17, 2024-June 28, 2024

12:30-1PM(sold out)

1-1:30PM (Sold out)

1:30-2PM (sold out)

July 8, 2024-July 19, 2024

12:30-1PM(Sold Out)

1-1:30PM (sold out)

1:30-2PM (sold out)

July 22, 2024-August 2, 2024

12:30-1PM (Sold out)

1-1:30PM (sold out)

1:30-2PM (sold out)

August 5, 2024-August 16, 2024

12:30-1PM (Sold out)

1-1:30PM (sold out)

1:30-2Pm (sold out)

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