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Baby and Me

ages 4-18 months

$25/25 minute group session

 8 sessions total

3-5 Babies per group

$200 due at booking

Please inquire in regards to availability.

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Are you interested in giving your baby the best start to their educational swim journey?  

  Are you looking for an activity for your little one that is not only stimulating, but FUN

   How about a creative energy outlet for them to let loose and get their wiggles out?  

   Baby and Me with Coach Brandon is a chance for you to have all three!  In these sessions, water safety is introduced in a gentle, nurturing environment centered around a play based program that teaches guardian and baby the basics.  

     These sessions are offered in our family's above-ground pool, in the backyard of our private home.  The pool is completely covered from sun and rain by a canopy, and the water is heated consistently to a temperature between 88-92 degrees (typically 90 and above, except for on very hot days!).  The skills that will be taught in this session range from breath-cuing, to back floating, and even how to safely submerge your baby.  Skills will be taught in a play-oriented atmosphere filled with interactive song-time, and an endless supply of toys to keep your little ones entertained.  

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Summer 2023

Wednesdays  12-12:25PM

Session Dates:

coming soon!

Thursdays  3-3:25PM

Session Dates:

coming soon!

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