It's Swim Time!

Coaches Brandon and Maddie offer educational swim time from their family's private home in the South Bay of

Los Angeles, California.  

Year-round private sessions are taught to swimmers aged 6 months and up, and seasonal Baby and Me sessions are offered for babies age 4-18 months.

At-home swim time is also provided by our travel instructor.


 *Membership to our private swim club is on a referrals-only basis, and there is an existing waitlist for recurring  weekly reservations.  If you are interested in having your family join the waitlist, please reach out to us with your contact information.  The waitlist is not a guarantee that your family will receive services, but instead a promise that we will contact you when we have availability  and if we reach your turn on the existing list.  Please keep in mind: the quickest way to book immediate swim time is through the pay-per-session opportunities, the Baby and Me program, and our Boot Camp program (all listed on the 'Availability' tab).*

*There is no immediate availability for recurring weekly sessions - please inquire about being added to our waitlist for this service offered Sundays 9AM-4:30PM, and Mondays-Thursdays 9AM-6:30PM.*

  • All reservation times are offered in increments of 15 minutes, with a minimum booking time of 15 minutes per swimmer.​  All sessions are taught at a 1:1 swimmer to Coach ratio (except for Baby and Me).

  •  Reservations for private swim time with the Coaches is $25/15 minutes at our home-pool, and $30/15 minutes for travel locations with Coach Britnie.

  • Our private swim club offers opportunities for

  1. Recurring Private sessions (monthly membership for ages 6 months and up, offered Sundays 9AM-4:30PM, and Mondays-Thursdays 9AM-6:30PM.)

  2. Pay-Per-Sessions (drop-in opportunities for ages 6 months and up)       

  3. The renowned Boot Camp program, for ages 2 and up (3 and up for Minis).

  4. Baby and Me sessions (for babies age 4 - 18 months, and 1 adult guardian).

  • Coaches Brandon and Maddie heat their home pool all year. There is a large canopy completely covering the pool to protect against direct sun or drizzle.

Boot Camp

    Available M-F from 12:30-2PM ONLY.  

     All sessions are private, 30 minute sessions.  

     Appointment times are the same, each day of your Boot Camp session.  

     All Boot Camp sessions are with Coach Brandon.

Mini Boot Camp:

1 week,  ages 3+

$250 for 5x 30 min private sessions

12:30-1PM,  1-1:30PM,  1:30-2PM

(NOT offered in the months of June/July/August)

Standard Boot Camp:

2 weeks, ages 2+

$500 for 10x 30 minute private sessions

12:30-1PM,  1-1:30PM,  1:30-2PM

(offered year-round)

Baby and Me

   $25/25 minute group session

 8 sessions total

$200 due at booking

Wednesdays  12-12:25PM


Thursdays  3-3:25PM

Hiring a Travel Instructor

        Looking for a more private experience for your family and friends?  Interested in hiring an instructor to come to your home?  We offer travel instruction every Spring  Summer, and Fall.  Please inquire about availability for this service.

- Suitable for ages 6 months and up

- 30 minutes per student, each session

- minimum booking time of 2 hours per household

- $140 per hour

- sold in 12-week packages

     Availability for this service is LIMITED... these spots usually get filled quickly!  

Do not hesitate to grab your spot in the schedule before we sell out for 2022!

All swim times are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.