Hi there!

Let us tell you a little about ourselves...

     S.T.A.R. Academy is a family owned, local operation serving the South Bay community of Los Angeles.  After becoming well-known within their communities for their excellence in aquatic training, Brandon and Maddie decided to open their own private swim club in 2013.  They offer a family oriented service, with a highly skilled team.  It is their passion and purpose to create safe and happy swimmers, and their mission to instill a mutual respect and love for the water within all of the children and adults they work with.

       Here at S.T.A.R., we offer a year-round program that is meant to grow with your family.  We do not believe in quick-fixes, and know from experience that the best results are achieved through time, dedication, and hard work.  Coaches Brandon and Maddie excel in their abilities to coach any age, at any level of swimming.  They have decades of experience behind them, helping them on their mission to guide their swimmers to reach their potential.

          Brandon and Maddie offer their time in the water from their home in Torrance, year round.   Swim Time is held in their backyard heated pool, which remains covered from the sun and rain by a large canopy, all year!  STAR Academy is a referral based, private swim club, offering reservations for our services to our friends and family.  Our goal is to get EVERYONE who crosses our paths, water-safe!